This page displays all the titles that belong to "The Great Warriors" series. This series of 12 issues was commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. They features stories from many aspects of the war.

The list of issues in date of release order:

  1. Miracle at Mons
  2. Deadlock at Marne
  3. First Fight for Flanders
  4. Anzac Cove
  5. Attack in Artios
  6. Firestorm in Flanders
  7. To Vimy . . . To Victory?
  8. The Miners of Messines
  9. Attack in Arabia
  10. In Flanders Sky . . .
  11. Clash at Cambrai
  12. Assault In The Alps

The issues feature a character who is not central to the story, a newspaper seller called Jimmy Lomas. 

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