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Commando For Action and Adventure

Commando For Action and Adventure otherwise known as Commando Comics are a long running series of comic books published by D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. They were first launched in July 1961 and two were produced each month. As the series grew in popularity they grew from two per month, to four, to eight. The storylines usually follow the story of a soldier or group of soldiers in World War One or World War Two but several have been published about the Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, American Civil War, Boer War and others.

Commando Comics generally follow a soldier or a group of soldiers caught up in a real of fictional battle in a War. The most common of these wars are World War One and World War Two but Commando Comics have branched off onto other wars such as the Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq War, Boer War, American Civil War and even the Napoleonic Wars. They follow the men through wartime and sometimes peacetime. They usually come from important nationalities such as British, German, American or Japanese but other nationalities include Russian, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Australian, New Zealander, Indian, Canadian, Polish and more.


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